Social Media is vital to your fundraising campaign. It gives you a variety of options to reach out to and stay connected with donors. At a minimum, every organization needs its own Facebook page. After that, decide if Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the myriad of social media platforms fit with your audience. When deciding, consider factors such as age and hobbies of the people you want to reach.

Managing multiple sites is time consuming. For a relatively small amount of money, use a social aggregator like Hootsuite or Sprinklr for messaging and tracking responses. Aggregators give you a dashboard to see and work with all your sites at the same time. And you can schedule the timing of various posts. But be careful – repeat postings on multiple sites can annoy your donors and cause them to unfollow you. Instead, follow these guidelines to tailor your posts:

  • Use Facebook for posting major announcements, photo albums of donors, past successes and purchases and videos of organization events and messages. Add a “DonorZen” link on your page for easy giving.
  • Twitter is better suited for short, quick blurbs like: “50% there, keep it going!” Or “Bonus round – only $5K more!”
  • Use Instagram for one-off interesting photos and short clips.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool for building your business and nonprofit community and establishing yourself with experts in your field.
  • SnapChat is fantastic for campaigns that appeal to a younger demographic.
Expanding your user base

Adding to your base – getting the word out – is critical to your success. Follow these suggestions when working with your campaign:

  • Start with core members by asking them to follow you and share your posts with their followers. Make your ask a call to action by explaining the benefits of supporting your cause. Use compelling content that engages and excites.
  • Hold MeetUps to reach a larger audience and spread the word. MeetUps are a great way to find volunteers, partners and matching donors. As always, ASK the group to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ your posts.
  • Easily overlooked and very important is to work with your personal social media sites to promote your fundraising efforts. Ask your friends and families to join in by sharing your posts and to take action in supporting your efforts.
  • Always include the links to your social media pages on communications with organization’s members, supporters, current and potential donors. Once your DonorZen fundraising page is live, include the link in all communications to make it easy to contribute to a timed or ongoing campaign.
Call to Action

Finally, follow these tips to make your campaign a success:

  • Make it easy for donors to give by placing a “DonorZen” link on social media sites and pages.
  • Ask donors, staff, volunteers to link to Amazon Smile. When they do, Amazon will give your campaign .5% of all transactions made by your connections.
  • Combine social media with creative activities to raise money by holding an auction or contest that engages followers.
  • Hold birthday and holiday fundraising events and promote them on social media. Celebrations are a great way to encourage donations and they are fun.
  • Add incentives such as t-shirts or products for large and repeat donations.

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Social Media Fundraising: The Definitive Guide
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