When was the last time you or your webmaster checked all the links and information on your nonprofit’s website? It might not sound like fun, but a an hour or so every couple of months will keep your website in top shape.

The team at DonorZen have seen it all – some organizations have missing or incorrect contact information, links that do not work, no donation button or worst of all – a donate button that sends donors to a third-party website but it doesn’t say where the money is going.

Here’s a quick check list our team has created to help keep your nonprofit’s website up to date for your community and donors.

Confirm that this information is up to date:

  1. Phone number
  2. Fax number (if you have one)
  3. E-mail address
  4. Nonprofit leadership team and contact information
  5. Mission statement
  6. Volunteer information if applicable


  1. Do your social media links go to your nonprofit’s page or somewhere else?
  2. If your organization used a free website tool such as Wix, the default Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. buttons go to Wix’s social media pages

Spell check: 

  1. a professional website should not have spelling mistakes.
  2. Remember to use spell check and have a second person read it over.                      

Does your donate button work?

  1. We have noticed that approximately 5-10% of the Donate buttons on nonprofits’ websites do not work.
  2. Or worse – we’ve seen instances where the donate button sends donors to a different nonprofit or organization’s credit card processing page.

Follow those steps outlined above and your website will be much more enjoyable for your visitors. For other fundraising best practices and tips, make sure to follow us on Facebook or send us a tweet @DonorZen.

Contributed by Andrei Vernon, Business Development Specialist at DonorZen

Is your website up to date and looking its best?
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