The most common challenge that non-profits face is with ethics and transparency. The two go hand in hand – strong transparency gives your donors a sense that you adhere to the best ethical practices.

Still, how do you sustain a highly ethical reputation without spending more time and money? The best answer is with the right technology. Over the last ten years the amount and depth of technology available has tripled. Its proven to be such a profitable business that even the large technology players have entered the space: SalesForce, PayPal, Oracle/NetSuite to name a few.  How do you maneuver through and around the amount of fundraiser and donor management systems on the market?

Here are some guidelines to help you when selecting a fundraising platform that meets or exceeds your transparency concerns:

PRICING: Ask for the total costs associated with using the proposed system, not just their rates. Specify that this means including costs from other sources such as upgrading hardware or additional hosting costs.

FEATURES: What is included in the price of the new system. Make sure the core technology meets your needs. You may have to spend more to have the functionality you want.

REPORTS: How easy is it to run reports? How detailed are the reports? Do they meet your needs for state and federal regulations? Do they make reconciliations easy and do they help you connect with your donors?

EASE OF USE: How easy is the system overall? Is it easy for you to administer? Is it easy for your donors to donate?  Will it collect the data you need for reports?

COMMUNICATION: Some systems offer the ability to send instant confirmation of the donation, the amount given and the fees associated. This is a critical piece of transparency and one that a good system provides.

SUPPORT: When things come up – and they will – what are the support capabilities of the software provider?

SECURITY: Make sure your provider is PCI compliant. This protects your donor information and is a requirement for most state and federal laws.

Remember, technology is a tool and for it to work properly, you need to understand the goals you want to reach by using the system. It can make your life easier, but it needs thought and care when selecting and using the system.

DonorZen understands the need for Transparency.  That is why our pricing is clear and simple and our platform provides tools to help you provide easy reports and keep your donors informed.  Want to know more?  visit us at

You understand the need for transparency… Does your fundraising platform?
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